Teaching UX Design to Adults

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Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all.

― Aristotle.

One of my classes, connecting together as a group. :)

This project is very different than most projects in my portfolio, and for that in itself, it should be mentioned. After this experience, I will always have a deep respect for all the teachers in the world. It takes a very special person to show up every day, regardless of how you feel, and greet every student with delight and compassion for your entire career.

I managed to do this for a short period of time in comparison to all the teachers out there, and it is with honor that I can say I’ve truly learned more than I thought I would in 9 months.

I put my whole heart into teaching, and I hope that it has a positive impact on a new generation of designers entering the work force. I hope any designer you come across that was taught by me is respectful, resourceful, and curious.

Tarryn helped me grow from a team member to a team leader. Her teaching provided the perfect environment for learning: allowing just enough space for me to struggle and figure things out on my own, while also providing guidance and support where needed. Her bright, engaging personality helped me retain the information she taught and transformed a very intense and emotionally draining training into a fun and memorable experience.

I could write a long list of soft skills such as presenting lectures, mentoring new designers, managing a classroom, mediating group dynamics, and relate those skills to industry (Ex. I am at ease presenting to clients or I enjoy involving clients in the design process as a educational and persuasive technique), but I’ve gain so much more than that.

I’ve been able to apply the psychological principles I’ve read about for years to help students excel in their chosen field. I’ve been able to try new things with a group of people, based on logic as much as intuition, and get timely feedback on how the implementation went. I’ve held the responsibility for the all decisions taken within my classroom. I was trusted to make every decision in my classroom to the best of my knowledge and feel the consequences both good and bad.

I’m proud to say, that every choice I’ve made, I would make again. Each time I made a judgement call, whether it be big or small, I learned from it. Teaching has helped mold my leadership style. It has given me confidence in my adaptability as an individual and positive attitude towards growth.