Designing Reporting & Payments

UX Design, Visual Design
Omnigraffle, Photoshop

The Washington Wine Commission collects most of it’s money from the grape reports that wineries and vineyards fill out each year. Because the process involved snail mail and checks, the grape reports took a lot of time to go through. The team at the Wine Commission had to go over each form filled out and check the forms manually.

In order to make the process easier and more accurate, the Washington Wine Commission decided to make the forms digital. We thought the best solution was to take the form and break it up. That way we could incorporate logic to save users time by letting them automatically skip over questions that did not apply. Not only did the new grape reports flow make the process easier for the WWC, it also helped wineries and vineyards. Because of the help along the way, including drop down menus of wineries and vineyards in the system, users filling out the forms could add the correct information without having to look up the exact names. The grape reports design also incorporated multiple payment options, such as credit cards, to automate the process further for the WWC.